List of Officers under probe, suspicion hold sensitive posts in Customs, Central Excise

October 11, 2006


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Officers under probe, suspicion hold sensitive posts in Customs, Central Excise


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Sr. No. Name of officer S/Shri Gist of the case Remarks


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Sr. No.

Name of officer S/Shri

Gist of case


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CBI arrests 2 JNPT officials on graft charges

October 11, 2006

CBI arrests 2 JNPT officials on graft charges


Friday, October 06, 2006  21:01 IST
MUMBAI: The Central Bureau of Investigation on Friday arrested four persons, including two senior officials of the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT), under the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Assistant Commissioner T K Chakraborty of the Customs Department of JNPT, Appraiser P Kiro, and two Customs clearing agents were arrested and remanded to custody till October 10, CBI officials said.

The agency had on Thursday raided the home of Chakraborty and seized Rs five lakh and jewellery worth Rs four lakh. A case of possessing assets disproportionate to known sources of income was registered against him, CBI Deputy Inspector General Kiran Jadhav said.

The CBI also seized documents for three immovable properties worth Rs 50 lakh, and confiscated a car, Demat accounts and many shares, he said. Two bank lockers of the customs official were yet to be opened, he said

In the second raid, CBI seized unaccounted money to the tune of Rs 10 lakh from different bank accounts of Kiro. Officials also recovered a fixed deposit of Rs two lakh and documents for property worth Rs 12 lakh.

Two of Kiro’s bank lockers were also yet to be opened, Jadhav said.

500 kg gold smuggled in just 45 days! Salem aide says he brought in the gold through Delhi airport and was ‘escorted out safely’ by a Customs official

October 11, 2006
500 kg gold smuggled in just 45 days!
Tuesday, October 03, 2006 | Lead Story
Salem aide says he brought in the gold through Delhi airport and was ‘escorted out safely’ by a Customs official
Abhijit Sathe
The hunt is on for a Customs official who allegedly helped a key Abu Salem aide, Mohammed Akmal Mohammed Umar Ansari alias Guddu, to smuggle in a staggering 500 kgs of gold from Dubai to Delhi in just 45 days.

Guddu, arrested by Oshiwara police last week, has sensationally claimed that he made 50 trips to Dubai in those 45 days in 1998-’99, and was “escorted” out of Delhi airport every time with the consignment by a Customs official. The same official then put him up at a Delhi hotel and even regularly provided him a ‘return ticket’ to Dubai to get a new consignment, Guddu has told his interrogators.

Police say Guddu’s revelations will be instrumental in shedding light on Salem’s fugitive years and his business empire.

Giving details of his modus operendi, Guddu has said that after arriving at Delhi airport, he had “instructions” to keep his bag open at the waiting lounge. Once he did that, an ‘unknown’ person would keep American currency in the bag as ‘reward’ for the smuggling and disappear, he has said.

Additional police commissioner (western region) Bipin Bihari confirmed that Guddu had made these claims and said they were being verified.

Inspector Dilip Patil of Oshiwara police station said Guddu and another Salem aide Jamir Ahmed Mohammed Yakub Noor Mohammed Siddiqui, caught when trying to rob a bank in Oshiwara, were a “prize catch.” While Guddu knew everything about Salem’s smuggling activities during the gang’s most active period the late 90s — and was wanted for the murder of Chhota Shakeel and Chhota Rajan men, Siddiqui was the man who had shot at film-maker Rakesh Roshan and threatened Adlabs owner Manmohan Shetty in the year 2000, Patil said.

In late 1999, Salem discontinued smuggling and asked Guddu to stay put in Mumbai along with Siddiqui to carry on his extortion business, Guddu has told his interrogators.

After he arrived in Mumbai in ’99, Patil said, Guddu bumped off several informants of rival gangs, namely Shakeel man Iqbal Chunawala (at D N Nagar), Chhota Rajan’s real estate agent Iqbal Langda (at Mahim), another Rajan man Babu Bhaiyya (at Trombay) and one Munna at Shivaji Nagar.

Siddiqui in turn, acting on his boss’s directives, shot at Rakesh Roshan and threatened Manmohan Shetty before escaping from the custody of the Mumbai crime branch in 2000.

Guddu too jumped the bail the same year and both went into hiding for nearly five years before re-entering Mumbai recently, police sources said.

RTI::Second Appeal – Rotation of officials working in sensitive posts

October 7, 2006

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: rajesh darak <>
Date: Oct 4, 2006 10:13 AM
Subject: Second Appeal – Rotation of officials working in sensitive posts
To: CG_CIC_Wajahat_Habibullah <>
Cc: CG_CIC_Jt_Secy_P_K_Gera <>,,

Second Appeal under section 19 (3) of the Right to Information Act, 2005.


To        :  The Central Information Commission,

               Block No 4, 5th Floor, Old JNU Campus,

               New Delhi – 110 067.                     


(1)        Full name of the Appellant :

Mr. Rajesh Vishnudas Darak


(2)        Address :         

C/o. Whistleblowers India, 8, Varsha, North South Road No.5, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai – 400 056.    


(3)        Particulars of Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) :

Shri C. S. Prasad, Addl. Director General,

Directorate General of Vigilance, Customs & Central Excise,

1st Floor, Samrat Hotel, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri,

New Delhi – 110 021.  Phone: 011-2611 5725


(4)        Particulars of the First Appellate Authority (AA) :

Shri Jogendra Singh, Director General,

Directorate General of Vigilance, Customs & Central Excise, Headquarters Office,

1st Floor, Samrat Hotel, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri,

New Delhi – 110 021.   Phone: 011-2611 5722


(5)        Date of receipt of the order appealed against      : 10th July, 2006

                        (If order passed)


(6)        Last date for filing the appeal     : 7th October, 2006      


(7)        The grounds for appeal :


The subject matter of information is, ‘Relating to violation of Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) Circular No. 98/VGL/60 dated 15 th April, 1999 on the subject, “Rotation of officials working in sensitive posts”; attention to which was again invited by the CVC vide its communication dated 2nd November, 2001 to all the Chief Vigilance Officers. A copy of this is available on the website of CVC and the link is  .


The CPIO has not answered the following two questions :


c)      Has there been a violation of the circular stated in 3 (i) above in case of such officers?


d)      In case there has been a violation of the said circular, the names and designations of the persons responsible and punishable for the same.



It is important to know whether there has been a violation of the said CVC circular or not. Although, the violation is obvious & evident from the answers to a) & b); the CPIO has only attempted to justify the violation, in his reply to c) & d). The CPIO has also not disclosed, the name & designation of the competent authority, which is responsible for monitoring the postings with respect to the said CVC circular. Also, if there has been a violation, whether the person responsible is punishable or not is another question which the CPIO is evading. The AA is also not willing to disclose answers to these vital questions.


Even, the justification is not proper and convincing. The CPIO has stated, ‘The competent authority’s decision to relieve the officers who have completed more than 3 years in the West Zone Unit of this Directorate has already been communicated’; but, he has not stated the frequency & dates of this communication. The CPIO has stated, ‘Consequently, circular has been issued by the Directorate General inviting applications from suitable candidates for appointment in the Directorate on deputation basis’; but, he has not stated in detail as to when, how & how frequently this was done and what was the outcome. The CPIO has stated, ‘However, it is mentioned that being sensitive organization, applicants’ integrity, reputation and professional records are strictly evaluated before they are appointed’; but no details about the process of evaluation has been furnished. The CPIO has stated, ‘In the process and also in the interest of smooth functioning of Vigilance machinery, some officers happen to overstay under compulsion’, but fails to justify the violation of the said CVC circular.


Please note that the violation of the said CVC circular is a matter of fact; therefore, there is no subjectivity involved in this conclusion and so the question of being judgemental as stated by the AA does not arise. Having understood that there is a violation, it is extremely important to know who is responsible for the same and also whether the person is punishable or not. If responsibility & culpability is not fixed in public administration and particular persons are not held accountable for their acts of commissions or omissions, it will only encourage more such violations.


Hence, you are requested to direct the AA / CPIO to forthwith furnish the requisite information.


The above statements made by me are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.  The enclosures attached to this Appeal petition are true copies of the original.



Place    : Mumbai


Date     : 4th October, 2006                                                                   Signature of Appellant.



Enclosures :


1)       Copy of my RTI Application dated 23rd March, 2006

2)       Copy of Receipt dated 5th April, 2006

3)       Copy of CPIO’s Reply dated 4th May, 2006

4)       Copy of my Appeal dated 30th May, 2006

5)       Copy of Receipt dated 7th June, 2006

6)       Copy of AA’s Order dated 4th July, 2006.

P.S. Enclosures 2) & 5) are not attached herewith, since these are only receipts. Hardcopies of appeal & all the enclosures are being separately sent today by Speed Post.

Rajesh Darak

Mera Bharat Mahaan…Nahi Hai,
Per Yeh Dosh Mera Hai.

Rajesh Darak

Mera Bharat Mahaan…Nahi Hai,
Per Yeh Dosh Mera Hai.

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Officers under probe, suspicion hold sensitive posts in Customs, Central Excise

September 25, 2006

Officers under probe, suspicion hold sensitive posts in Customs, Central Excise

Officers under probe, suspicion hold sensitive posts in Customs, Central Excise

134 officers held sensitive posts in last 5 years
N Ganesh

Mumbai, September 23: Unlike other central government centers, officers of Customs and Central Excise seem to be a privileged lot. For, they are the officers, who even in the face of an inquiry or suspicion, are not necessarily sidelined to a non-sensitive posting.

Such officers in the states of Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat (west zone) continue to hold their posts that are officially classified as ‘sensitive’. In the last five years as many as 134 officers of the Customs and Central Excise in the west zone have occupied such sensitive postings despite figuring in the Cloud List or Agreed List. (see box)
To cite a few instances, a superintendent in Mumbai was put on Cloud List (1997) after diamonds worth 16 crore were replaced with fake ones while in another instance another superintendent at Sahar Air Cargo Complex was caught red-handed while throwing bribe money from his cabin window, (1999). But they still continued to hold their sensitive posts.

But such cases go against guidelines laid down by the Central Vigilance Commission and instructions issued by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT). The guidelines clearly state that an officer whose name figures in the Cloud or the Agreed List, should not hold sensitive posts. In the current year, the guidelines specify two groups who should not hold such posts—officers of the rank of Assistant Commissioner and above and those who belong to the rank of Appraisers, Superintendent of Customs or Superintendent of Central Excise.

It is the duty of the Vigilance Directorate, the watchdogs of the Customs and Central Excise, to monitor such cases.

However senior vigilance department officers said shortage of officers in the commissionerate and because the number of sensitive posts outnumbers the non-sensitive posts, are some of the reasons that have had to let to the catch 22 situation.

“The commissionerate gives less sensitive charges to officers (from Cloud or Agreed list) and moreover the senior officers are duly informed to monitor such officers,’’ said the highly placed officer.

Director General of Vigilance Joginder Singh whose comment was sought on this issue did not respond to numerous phone and fax queries.

More CORRUPTION at Nhavasheva Port: Request to RTI Activists to take further V. M. Kumaraswamy’s RTI request to Mumbai Customs in the interest of NATION.

July 2, 2006

Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 08:13:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: “Venkat Kumaraswamy” <>
Subject: Court respite for importer –>> CORRUPTION at Nhava Sheva Port.

May 15th 2006

Smt. Neerja Shah
Addl DG (VIg.)
Directorate General of Vigilance,
Customs and Central Excise
West Zonal Unit, 4th Floor,
Transport House, Poona Street, Masjid (East)
Mumbai – 40009

Phone No. (022) 22619506
Fax (022) 23703133


Sub: Court respite for importer –>> CORRUPTION at Nhava Sheva Port.

Read this news story that has been carried by Mumbai Times of India dated 14.05.2006. 

It looks like there is more CORRUPTION at Nhava Sheva Port. Who is incharge of of this port ? Have you taken any action on this officer ? Can you SUSPEND him for all these IRREGULARITIES going on at Nhava Sheva ? Are you protecting that officer ? Is there a COVER UP going on at Mumbai Customs ? 

Court respite for importer


Mumbai, 14 May, 2006 : Despite claims by customs officials of an importer undervaluing goods from Hong Kong, the high court has allowed clearance of goods of the company on the principle of equality, after the latter alleged discrimination by the customs department. 

The department had collected ‘evidence’ that the company, D K Labs, an importer of car speakers and amplifiers, had undervalued goods claiming them to be worth Rs 12.58 lakh. It had asked the company to deposit a bank guarantee of more than Rs 1 crore. The company argued that similar consignments at Nhava Sheva port were cleared.


Please provide all the information as per RTI Act 2005.

1. Who is the officer at Nhava Sheva Port ? WHat actions have you taken ?

2. Why there is so much CORRUPTION at Nhava Shea Port ? Are you covering his officer and protecting this officer ?

3. Why no replies for my other emails.

If we need any more information from you we will write to you.


V. M. Kumaraswamy, MBA
This is Mr. V. M. Kumaraswamy, MBA. in business since 1971. Founder and Moderator of India’s largest e-governance Yahoogroup under the title eGovINDIA. You can reach this group at

eGovINDIA, INDIA WBA, EKAVI and INDIA RTI has taken up several matters and issues in their forum to discuss and to bring into national level and attention of CVC, CAG, CBI, CBEC, Supreme Court, High Courts, State Officials and Highest officials in INDIA. All News Papers will be included for wider circulation.

INDIA WBA has taken up the issues of WHISTLEBLOWERS in INDIA.
India WhistleBlower Act:The Action Group;

INDIA RTI has taken up issues related Right to Information for all in INDIA.

Right to Information in INDIA discussion group


This RTI request to CVC of V. M. Kumaraswamy needs to followed up by an RTI Activists. If any questions write to V. M. Kumaraswamy, he will reply for your questions.

July 2, 2006

Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 18:19:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: “Venkat Kumaraswamy” <
Subject: Re: Victimisation and Harassment by Directorate General of Vigilance

The Director


New Delhi, INDIA

Dear Sir,

This is Mr. V. M. Kumaraswamy, MBA. in business since 1971. Founder and Moderator of India’s largest e-governance Yahoogroup under the title eGovINDIA. You can reach this group at

You have received this email from a HONEST OFFICER in CUSTOMS in MUBAI. This person has written so much detailed information on some officers of Customs office at Mumbai.

I have also written several email letters to you sir. I know you are busy in CVC to get Corrupt Officials out of the system in INDIA. We would like to help you. We should route out CORRUPTION in INDIA.

About eGovINDIA and it’s activties

We have written emails to Neerja Shah Addl(dg) WZU, Mumbai requesting Information under RTI Act 2005. So far she has not responded to any of my emails.

I hope you will look into this into details and see that honest officer does not become a casualty in the office.



V. M. Kumaraswamy, MBA wrote:

Dear Sir,

Are you also part of the team which is resorting to victimisation and

Why is Narayan Singh after me like leach? Why had Narayan Singh audacity
to inform one of the Supdt. posted in AIU that he had got me transferred
from Vigilance? Why did he tell another Supdt. that he has got four filres
opened against me in vigilance and that he would ensure that I do not go
to CBI on deputation?

Had I not requested you to protect me from Narayan Singh? Now Bathija has
also joined Narayan Singh?

Don’t you know that Narayan Singh had been receiveing bribe from Airport
Officials like BN Ojha for clearing carriers? Don’t you know that Narayan
Singh Cell number is 9821229380 which is a third party number and he pays
thousands of rupees monthly bill? Is it not true that there were several
complanits against Narayan Singh in vigilance which were closed? Don’t you
know that Narayan Singh had tried to protyect DS Tilwani also? Is it not
true that Narayan Singh had also protected Alok Garg by leaking the
contents of files attended by me? Why are you protecting Narayan Singh?

Do you agree with allegation that I had accepted bribe of Rs.4 crores from
Taufik Haji Gaffar? If so why do you not call Taufik Haji Gaffar himself
and verify the fact? Do you not know know what manipulations were beiung
done in Delhi High court to get the detention order of Taufik Haji Gaffar
quashed by Ram Jethmalani and Chidambaram after which I had complained to
President of India after which Taufik was detained?

Why did you not call the Rahul Bahandari and Meena two officers of Central
Excise who allegedly bribed me for not suspending them as per news report
published in Surat newspaper?

I am being victimised and harrased by the officers of vigilance
directorate to protect Alok Garg and other senior officers of the
department. I know who was tout of your Additional Director General and
her husband in Delhi with whom they used to go for dinner in Sidhdhartha
Hotel, Pusa Road, Delhi. I know how Taufik Haji Gaffar was helped by
officers of Customs when he was arrested by CIU in 1999 in bogus bank
gaurantee case.I have documenatary proof to show how one of the Deputy
Commissioner, Surat DRI, presently posted in the Directorate General of
vigilance, had protected Taufik in a DRI case in connivance with KO Paul,
SIO/ DRI, Man Singh SIO/ DRI and Parveen Katyal /I.O., DRI. I know how Dr.
NK Soren has been protected by Directorate General of Vigilance in a
export fraud case inspite of clear cut evidence of Jayesh gala against
him. I know how many Rebate files of Avinash Exports, Surat, have been
been sanctioned by another Depurty Commissioner, presently posted in the
Directorate General of Vigilance, looking after Surat Rebate Case on the
basis of forgeed export documents alonwith Surendra Mehta. I know how an
Asstt. Commissioner of Vigilance has managed to come to Vigilance Mumbai
from Kalkata to remain in Mumbai within two months. Can he go against
whimds and fancy of senior officers? I am aware that one of your Supdt.
was in touch with Editor Surat Saamna and Tejas Desai and tried to scuttle
the Surat Rebate investigation. Please ask VH Bathija how many carriers he
used to clkear every night when he was in AIU and batch and how many girls
he used to screw. I know at least one lady whom Bathija used to screw? I
know how PK Sinha has been protected by ADG/Vig, WZU, inspite of his
having signed the DRI-I backdated in CSD case. I know how the enquries of
SK Bharadwaj, retired Member CBEC, DS Sra, then Commissioner of Customs
(General), Mumbai and now Chif Commissioner have been scuttled to allow
them to retire peacefully and avail promotion.

Your department is digging my grave. They are asking the address of my
dead father for a flat alreadty intimated to the department under Rule 18
(2)of Conducr Rules.

You are posted in Vigilance to eradicate corruption from customs whereas
you are protecting the corrupots and vicimising the sincere and honests.
Had I been so corrupt why did you ask me to join vigilance and entrusted
me the enquiry of Surat Rebate case?

You project yourself as one of the honest officer in the department but
have you ever tried to defend me inspite of knowing fully well that
enquiries conducted by VH Bathija, MA Andrade and Narayan Singh are based
on personal vendetta.

Since you are one of the blue eyed boy of DG, Vigilance and know me well,
I request you to request him to close all my files and punish Narayan
Singh and others who were instrumental in opening these files.

Since I have already been placed under cloud for none of my mistake and
for performing my duties with sincereity and honestly, I am not bothered
about my career and will expose every corrupt officers of the departement.

My father and brothers have left for me enough property to look after
their families and my family. Please send me to jail after dismissal from
service and keep honests like Narayan Singh, VH Bathija, MA Andrade, PB
Chitre, SS Rana, Satish Agrawal, Surendra Mehta, Alok Garg, Saudan Singh, HN Prasd, Ravindra Kumar and Dr. NK Soren etc. in the department.

I am copying this email to the President of India, CVC and others to let
them know how the West Zone Unit of the Directoratae General of Vigilance
is victimising and harrasing me to protect corrupt officials of customs.